Glory Gazing Ministries, Engaging the Spiritual through the Creative Arts in Pursuit of a Deeper Relationship with God

Read about the vision for Glory Gazing Ministries, the non-profit organization founded and led by Priscilla Williams, the artist apprentice program, and Israel initiative.

Glory Gazing Ministries, through the creative arts, equips individuals journeying toward a deeper relationship with God through Christ. The creative arts provide windows through which God may move those ‘gazing’ into realms of greater revelation.

Glory Gazing Ministries’ mission includes teaching several skill sets:

     1) visual language allowing heart to heart communion beyond words with God, self and others

     2) creative journaling using verbal and nonverbal languages

     3) retreating into solitude with God

     4) developing and training individuals / teams to conduct presentations, seminars and workshops
          to minister through the arts in Israel and other foreign countries

Glory Gazing Ministries points to ‘the something more’ than we can see in daily life. It proclaims and releases the prophetic word and has an evangelistic mission as the unsaved or the lethargic Christian encounters and receives the creative arts.

Priscilla Williams
Our mission is primarily a vertical focus, focusing on God rather than human works. It is also to enable people to ‘touch’ grace and, therein, find the fortress. This ministry enhances and deepens interactions and connections with groups of people.

Glory Gazing Ministries is meant for individual or corporate encouragement, refreshment, challenge, and strengthening. It is meant to encourage the increase of stamina required in ‘running the race and fighting the good fight’ for the glory of God through Jesus Christ. It is designed to create opportunities for drawing people into the Presence of God so that their hearts may be captured and their relationship with Him and with each other deepened.

Glory Gazing Ministries Artist Apprentice Program

Glory Gazing Ministries offers an artist apprentice program tailored to the apprentice and designed to suit their individual needs and starting place. There is full acceptance, by the amazing grace of God through Jesus Christ, as the apprentice releases to greater levels of trust.

The program teaches the apprentice to discover how to receive and paint with more clarity and guidance from Holy Spirit. It is for those who want to use painting for personal growth and greater transformational impact on others.

Priscilla Williams and a student

While there is development of skills that increase painting effectiveness, there is just as much concentration on the person behind the skills, for greater levels of integrity. The apprentice must be willing to become a more effective communicator on all levels. The more clarity and integrity, the more the artistic expression will impact the lives of others.

Please contact us for more information.

Glory Gazing Ministries Israel Initiative

Glory Gazing Ministries delights in recognizing God’s promise to bless all nations through Israel according to God’s covenant with Abraham. Those who bless Israel will be blessed.

In 2008 Glory Gazing Ministries began to call a small team annually, designed to encourage and build up the Israeli people, particularly the artists. We have built some very significant and sweet relationships over the past few years as a result of our trips to the Holy Land. We keep nurturing them. We go to the Houses of Prayer as well, and last year we began giving workshops at the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations.

We go as a team called ‘Streams of Blessings’ aiming to pour ourselves out to bless all whom we can in Israel. We find ourselves blessed way beyond measure. We are always looking for those who are of the same heart and call to go with us. Please contact us for more information.

We believe that Israel has the key role in the end-times-days. We delight in standing with her for the glory of God to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Pictures From Israel

Priscilla and Eran, the group's travel guide

All around the Sea of Galilee Jesus' voice and presence is still heard and felt

Priscilla blowing a shofar over the land

Priscilla receiving anointing in Jaffa, Israel

Priscilla in the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations
on the Mount of Olives beginning a workshop

Priscilla speaking at a Watchman on the Wall commissioning in Jerusalem

Priscilla deeply moved by Jesus' presence on the Sea of Galilee

Priscilla shofar declaring with others over the place of the future battle of Armageddon

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