Kathi Wilson music: Nothing Will I withhold...

Kathi's music serves to move us in the spirit and draw us closer to God, to help us quiet our minds and enter again into His presence. The music moves us emotionally and spiritually in ways that help us return to peace and well-being.

Times of quiet communion resting in the Lord bring His peace, rejuvenation, and healing of body, mind and spirit...

There's much more going on in this album than sound bite samples can convey, so we offer long samples of all 10 songs following the medley of short samples. Small computer speakers can't convey the deep, smooth bass and rich warmth of the music, or the subtle nuance of beautiful accompaniment played by David Cullen, Grammy Award winning guitarist.


We encourage you to listen through headphones. Kathi is joined by her daughters Hannah and Hadassah on background vocals. Enjoy the first music video from the CD further down the page, and we offer a free sample song MP3.



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Kathi Wilson
Music CD 'Nothing Will I Withhold...'

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Hear her second CD   Click here to hear samples of all 11 songs on Kathi's album 'Sweet Surrender'.

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Kathi Wilson (center) with daughters Hannah (left) and Hadassah (right)



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Additional Background

Since you have scrolled down here, you see we have more text. That is because we need to limit how much we talk in any webpage. People are busy and want to find out just enough about what they came to see, as quickly as possible, but internet ranking and related computer systems are based on checking out in detail what we offer so that a variety of determinations can be made, automatically, about the music CD offered on this page.

For example, we did nor specifically say that it is soaking music or praise and worship music, but of course, it is. So we mention it here. We have to do a lot of mentioning here so that the computers scanning our site understand better what this music is about and for. They can't listen to it and figure that all out. So we are just going to describe the music more and talk about how it can be used.

Of course, it is Christian music, especially Christian soaking music for soaking in the presence of God. It is prayer, praise and worship music, but a quieter, more relaxing kind. In our testimonies, people mention the healing they have experienced, and how it is great for meditation and devotional time. For many, soaking prayer and worship music is like music therapy, used effectively in times of transition and recovery. It is very spiritual music. We think it is an example of a genre of music which is emerging that many call the sounds of heaven, or music of heaven. Many people feel that the women have an angelic quality to their voices, and it sounds heavenly.

The album is all about entering the presence of God, entering the presence of the Lord. It relates to practicing the presence of God, so could be referred to as presence music.

It is music inspired by the Spirit and Word of God. Anyone who has read the Bible will recognize key phrases, will see the biblical origins of the lyrics. These biblical phrases come alive in the music, taking the truths beyond our minds and planting them, rooting them firmly in our hearts where they continue to resonate, feed and edify us.

The words to Kathi's songs and the ideas touched on in her lyrics find their source in the Bible, in the Word. Her music resonates with scripture. It is Psalm music, song by one of the new psalmists.

The music is prophetic worship music, and revelatory in its power. Using it for prophetic worship is about encountering the Lord through the music and receiving what He has for us.

Many people use it for their prayer music and devotional music. It helps quiet us before the Lord, to start to have a one on one conversation without all the distractions of thoughts about what we have to do that day. We all need help from time to time slowing our minds down enough to pray with focus, and immerse ourselves in prayer and devotional time with the Lord.

According to the definition for hymn, these songs can be considered to be hymns. According to the definition of gospel music, Kathi's music can be considered gospel songs, if not traditional gospel music. Christian hymns and gospel music are all about praise and worship of God from a very personal place of devotion.

People who are seeking to learn and grow spiritually, who enjoy the work of Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, Billy Graham and others will enjoy this music. It will be enjoyed by Women of Faith, people involved in Bible study, a worship leader, people on a praise team / worship team, a pastor, someone involved in ministry and a wide variety of others.

If anyone listens to the music, they find that it is very relaxing, and perfect for relaxation and meditation, where it is all about slowing down and clearing our minds. It's so soothing and calm. It has a calming effect. It is great for stress relief. If someone is feeling tense, perhaps going into a job interview, this music really helps with stress relief, and helps to get the person centered and in balance. Everyone comments about how relaxing it is.

Many people who are recovering from traumatic life situations listen to this music cd to help them get to sleep and sleep more soundly. That is not to say that it's boring and will put you to sleep, but it really does quiet the mind and help to create feelings of peace and well-being as we find ourselves drawn into the presence of God. Kathi Wilson is so emotionally real and connected in her singing these love songs to God, that we can't help but be affected and join into that atmosphere of openness and intimacy with God.

Infectious is not such a great word, but if enthusiasm can spread to others due to someone's 'infectious' personality, the same idea is true here. Kathi's emotional connection with and commitment to the Lord is infectious, and affects us in a very positive way. And of course, as we focus on Him, He is with us more tangibly. As we make ourselves more available, we notice that He has been available all along, waiting for us to talk with Him and spend quality time with Him.

While this album is not typical Christian praise and worship music, it still fits that genre. It just does it in a quieter way than a lot of other albums do. It has a contemporary feel to it in its freshness, but has traditional elements as well. There's not as much quiet contemporary worship music these days, as people often want something to get them 'fired up' so that they can feel the connection. This does it in a different way. The soaking music genre is growing as more people seek connection with the Lord through more relaxing, quieter time alone with the Lord.

All of the songs on this album are special. Each song has its own strength and power. The Holy Spirit can be found in all of them. Per our feedback testimony page, people talk about how the songs stay with them, why they think this is a great cd, and why they think it is the best.

The music is very inspirational. People talk about how inspiring the music is. Christians often look for inspiration in their devotional time, and this music helps them find it in the presence of the Lord.

There are all kinds of uses for this music and places where it has benefit. A pastor who uses this music in her ministry commented about how wonderful it is for massage therapy. It is great ambient music to sooth and relax someone, to get them to let down and let go of the stress and tension in their bodies as they get a massage. And their mind can gravitate to thoughts of the Lord and conversation with Him as they seek physical healing and rejuvenation.

It can be considered environmental ambiance music, but of course, it is more than that. It is therapeutic and engaging, not just background music, although it can become that as we engage more closely with the Lord.

We have seen very powerful results with people in transition who are experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one. The music is very affirming and supportive, and helps to remind us of God's wonderful and abiding love. Grief recovery is a very difficult process that takes time. We have many testimonies of people for whom this music helped them work through their grief and loss recovery and focus on the Lord.

We also have Christian counselor / therapist friends using it in therapy time with people experiencing mental health challenges, and as background music when they are being given their medications (the patients, not the therapists). The patients comment about how calming and soothing it is. People with psychosis suffer from a lot of fear, confusion, and self-protective anger. They gravitate to this music and the way it helps them feel better, calmer and more centered. Since it is music inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit moves through it for healing and regeneration.

Christian counselors report that their clients have found the music very helpful in a variety of ways, serving to help in the process of gaining insight, breakthrough and emotional healing.

Because it is so soothing, calming and relaxing, and because it speaks so strongly to God's love and the abiding presence of God in our lives, many people who have been through trauma and abuse in their lives use it to help them fall asleep at night. It helps them sleep better and more soundly, feeling a closer connection with God and his comforting love as they drift off.

People with chronic pain report that they find relief from pain while listening to the CD. It helps them take their mind off of their pain and focus on God's loving embrace and healing grace. Pain takes so many forms. Many people report experiencing transformation and healing from emotional pain, testimony to the abiding love and healing power of the Lord.

While it is not a purely instrumental guitar praise and worship album, the guitar work is so beautiful that anyone looking for great Christian guitar music would probably appreciate the album, even though it does have vocals.